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WISEL: a compound word of "WISE SELECTION"

When choosing documents from a vast range that match your goals during investigation,
or when choosing the correct vocabulary and expressions for your text from many different words during translation,
or in many other cases, wise selections are a requirement.
We chose our company name with the hope that we would always be able to make wise decisions.
Based on information obtained through intellectual property analysis,
we can meet any request from our customers.
At WISEL, our expert staff have an abundance of knowledge that they use to respond to any and all needs relating to patent documents, both domestic and international. Regarding technology analysis and business modes, we search for instances of technology within both Patent Literature and Non-Patent Literature from domestic and international sources; we also provide services from intellectual property investigations and patent information analysis to State of the Art Search/translations. Our continual aim is to be a business that contributes to the harmony between people and nature through the provision of intellectual property information connected to technological innovation.
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